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Regional museums

Port Macquarie Museum.

Gina Fairley, Making regional museums more visible, ArtsHub, 26 November 2015

What is Destination Management Planning and how can it put your museum on the map?

While the term Cultural Tourism has been thrown around for some years now, how one gets on that train to effectively increase visibility and attendances for their cultural venue has been a rather ad hoc understanding to date.

Destination Management Planning (DMP) appears to be the new buzzword – that is research-based, strategic planning that takes a holistic approach folding the culture sector into broader tourism planning, particularly at a government level.

Simply, it is about building the visitor economy for your destination.

At the Regional Stakeholders Forum earlier this month in Sydney, Michael Brealey, Director Policy and Strategy with Arts NSW, presented the government’s roadmap – Create in NSW – what he described as a platform that will collaboratively shape the cultural future of regional NSW.

‘It is the first time we have had a policy like this and certainly one with a 10-year lifespan,’ said Brealey. ‘It is about supporting artists and arts organisations, but it is also about integrating arts and culture into communities, into infrastructure, and into planning across the whole of the government, and government thinking.’

‘It looks at tourism more than just marketing and takes into account an entire destination rather than just one tourist site,’ he added

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