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The Museum has an exciting opportunity for a professional to join the Repatriation and Community Engagement Business Unit as a Repatriation Records Officer to manage the records and holdings of Indigenous Ancestral Remains in the Museum’s care.

The National Museum of Australia is entrusted with the care of Indigenous Ancestral human remains and Indigenous secret/sacred objects. Because of the sensitivity of the information, the NMA needs to give particular attention to its repatriation records in order to protect the data and manage the collection in a safe and secure way. As the Repatriation Records Officer, you will take a key role in caring for the Museum’s repatriation collections.

The key duties of the position include:

You will be responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining documents and databases related to the NMA’s repatriation holdings,
  • Overseeing the migration of repatriation records into the Museum’s EMu database,
  • Reconciling and populating newly created records with existing paper and electronic records,
  • Assisting with internal and external reporting on the NMA’s repatriation holdings,
  • Using electronic records to support repatriation functions including provenance research, community consultations and the locations of items within the storage area,
  • Assisting with the receipting, processing, and packaging of incoming and outgoing materials and Ancestral Remains associated with the NMA’s repatriation program,
  • Ensuring that you have sufficient supervision, instruction, and equipment to undertake your work safely.


This position involves physically working with Indigenous Ancestral human remains. Work with secret/sacred objects is also possible.

For more information or to apply visit: APSJobs.