Science Centre for Western Sydney?

Western Sydney needs a science centre such as Questacon to help engage young people with science, technology and engineering. Source: Questacon.

Ragbir Bhathal, Lecturer in physics at University of Western Sydney, A science centre in Western Sydney will inspire more than just kids, The Conversation, 27 March 2015

The Greater Western Sydney (GWS) region is the fastest growing region in Sydney. It has a population of more than two million people and more than 240,000 businesses.

It also has a large student population in both primary and secondary schools of over 300,000 students, and a university that is going from strength to strength in the areas of research and innovative blended teaching and learning, and up-to-date TAFE Colleges.

What it doesn’t have is a science centre, such as Questacon: somewhere people – particularly young people – can go to engage with science. Building such a centre in Western Sydney would have tremendous benefits not only for students but also for the public awareness of science and Australia’s future prosperity.

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