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Scitech ‘Human Potential’ campaign partners

3D Anamorphic Out of Home rolls out in Perth, Mumbrella, 24 April 2024

oOh!media has launched ‘3D Anamorphic Out of Home’ in Perth’s Yagan Square. Scitech and POLY contributed to the campaign.

The announcement:

3D Anamorphic Out of Home has made its debut in Perth, with oOh!media launching it at its iconic Yagan Square site and creative and innovation hub POLY partnering with Scitech for the inaugural campaign.

Yagan Square becomes the latest full motion 3D Anamorphic site from oOh!, joining The Bourke in Melbourne – a six-storey high 3DA screen and the largest outdoor animated site in Australia, and The Macquarie Centre located on Sydney’s affluent North Shore.

To mark the launch, POLY collaborated with Scitech, a not-for-profit that brings engaging and entertaining science experiences through its Scitech Discovery Centre and to people across Western Australia.

Richard Moore, production and content director, POLY, said: “oOh! continues to invest in adding scalable 3D and 3DA technology to our digital network across Australia. It maximises creative impact, capturing significantly more attention than static digital creative, to make brands unmissable.

“We’re excited to have partnered with Scitech, this campaign is a great example of collaboration between the creative agency, client, media agency and media provider.  The interactive visuals created for the campaign are a perfect choice to showcase its arrival in Perth.”

Igniting curiosity, inspiring imagination and pushing the boundaries of Out of Home creativity, the campaign for Scitech’s ‘Human Potential’ exhibition, imagined by Initiative, developed by creative agency RARE and built by Last Pixel, is the first advertiser to feature on oOh!’s inaugural 3DA site in Perth’s city centre.

Lina Rudinskaite, marketing manager, Scitech added: “We’ve been waiting for 3DA in Perth for a long time. To be the first to experience this technology that brings our Scitech exhibition visuals to life is incredibly unique and a powerful new way to engage with our audience.”

Large format digital Out of Home screens are 35 percent more likely to capture attention, with iconic locations driving a 27 percent greater emotional response compared to standard large format screens.