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Period of Appointment

Appointment to the role is on a fixed term flexible (hours to be negotiated) basis to June 2023.


Essential Requirements

As a result of a risk assessment process, the Head of Agency gave consideration to where vaccination is a necessary control to protect the health and safety of workers and the community and therefore it has been determined that prior to appointment to these duties a person is to provide evidence that they are vaccinated against the disease known as COVID-19. This risk assessment determined that all workers in the Department are required to be fully vaccinated or provide an approved exemption. Please refer to the Statement of Duties for further information or call the contact person with any questions.

Evidence of the following must be provided prior to appointment to this role:

As this registration is an essential requirement of this role it must remain current and valid at all times whilst employed in the role and may be checked at any time during employment.  It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that the registration remains current and to advise the employer if their circumstances change.

Desirable Requirements

Pre-employment Requirements

The Head of the State Service has determined that the person nominated for this role is to satisfy a pre-employment check before taking up the appointment, promotion or transfer.  The following checks are to be conducted.

For more information or to apply visit: JobsTas.