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Tourism Research Australia 2016

International visitors in Australia: December 2016 quarterly results of the international visitor survey

International visitors to Australia spent a record $39.1 billion in the year ending December 2016 – 7% or $2.5 billion more than the previous year. The number of visitors aged 15 years and over reached 7.6 million, increasing by 766,000 (11%), while nights were up 2% to 253 million.


Strong growth was reported across the majority of Australia’s major markets. Asia lead the way in particular with all top ten Asian markets recording double digit percentage growth in visitor numbers. Overall, 17 of Australia’s 20 key markets had record visitor numbers during the year including New Zealand, the US, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, France and Italy. The top five contributors to spend in Australia were China, the UK, the US, New Zealand and Japan, with these countries contributing just over half (54% or $20.9 billion) of the total spend for the year.

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