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TRA NVS Domestic Tourism release June 2020

National Visitor Survey (NVS) Monthly Snapshot, Tourism Research Australia, June 2020

The recent bushfires and Coronavirus (COVID-19) have had an enormous impact on Australia’s domestic tourism market. Our monthly snapshots make it easier to monitor changes in tourism activity in your state or territory and nationally. You can:

  • view results each month or quarterly
  • compare results for the previous month and year


Overnight spend

  • Domestic overnight tourism losses reached $17.7 billion (down 45%) at the end of June 2020.
  • May improved slightly in April due to the easing of lockdown measures.
  • June has seen further improvement but overnight spend still fell 65% to $2.1 billion. This was a loss of $4 billion compared with June 2019.
  • Spend in June was down 65%. This was significantly more than for trips (down 45%) and nights (down 41%). This was due to closing state borders to interstate visitors. Interstate visitors typically stay longer. In 2019, they stayed for an average 5 nights compared to 3 nights for intrastate. Interstate visitors also have higher trip spend. This averaged more than 2½ times intrastate spend.

Overnight trips

  • May improved slightly in April due to the easing of lockdown measures. June also improved slightly, but overnight trips still fell 45% to 5.4 million. This was 4.4 million fewer trips than in June 2019.
  • States with few active COVID-19 cases and less reliance on interstate travel had better results for June 2020. For example, Western Australia and South Australia only had 15% and 39% fewer overnight visitors respectively. The drop for Australia as a whole was 45%.
  • Early data for domestic overnight trips for July and August 2020 suggest that numbers will continue to be well down in these months.

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