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UK Museums Association new mission

Patrick Steele, MA reveals new mission and vision, 11 April 2017

MA publishes Business Plan 2017 – 20

The Museums Association (MA) has published a summary of its Business Plan, including its new mission “to inspire museums to change lives”.

The MA’s plan, which covers the period 2017-20, includes growing its network of members, campaigning and advocating for museums to change lives, and inspiring and developing the workforce. Its new vision is for “inclusive, socially-engaged museums at the heart of their communities”.

The plan has been shaped by the MA’s members and is the result of detailed research, evaluation and collaboration.

The main themes to emerge from the research are national distinctiveness, recognising the cultural, legislative and constitutional differences of the UK’s four nations; digital engagement, using new technology to bring equal access to the MA’s work for all its members; collaboration and partnerships; international working; and leading change as an activist organisation that helps museums meet the challenges their communities face.

Sharon Heal, the MA’s director, says: “We live in challenging times and we know that many museums are having to tackle pressing issues such as inequality, discrimination and prejudice.

“We have consulted and listened to our members and the broader sector in order to create what we hope is an inspiring mission and vision for the MA and the sector.

“We will continue to deliver the services that our members need, including professional development, best practice and events, as well as advocating the value of museums to stakeholders, funders and politicians across the UK.”

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Annual report and business plan