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The following information has been provided by Penny Miles, Program Manager, Australia Council for the Arts:

Here are a couple of important updates on the outcomes of the May 2013 rounds for the national touring programs.

When will the announcements happen?

When taking on the management of the national touring programs the Australia Council made a commitment to provide notifications to applicants far earlier than previous processes would allow. True to this commitment when we open each round of funding we also advertise directly under the closing date when decisions will be advised.

For May 2013 round of Visions and CTI you will find the notice here

For May 2013 round of Playing Australia here

As per the advertised dates for these rounds, the window for announcement is August.

Over the past few weeks the Australia Council National Programs team has been fielding a large amount of calls and emails asking when the announcements will be made. Given we promote August, we’ve been surprised by the volume of enquires. So obviously everyone isn’t ‘in the know’. So please help spread the word.

We realise a month long window can be a bit like watching a kettle boil, but we cannot at this stage narrow down exact dates until parts of the assessment process are finalised. So as its only the 2nd of August now, why not focus on the end of August as the time the news is due…and then anything earlier is an extra bonus.


When applicants are notified the results of their applications for Playing Australia, Visions of Australia and CTI they will be informed the news is embargoed until 23rd September.

The reason for this embargo is to allow the Federal Arts Minister the opportunity to announce the results of the rounds.

While under embargo, notifications are provided to each applicant for the sole purpose of coordinating their project or for some to provide time to explore other means to deliver the tour if support was not forthcoming. This includes for all applicants the ability to inform Boards and management Committees, contracting artists, confirming with venues etc. However no public communication, promotion or advertising can be undertaken while under embargo.

If the Minister does make an announcement, of course the embargo is automatically ended. But if the embargo date has passed and Minister has not taken the opportunity to publically announce, an Assessment Meeting Report with the results of all the round will be published on the Australia Council website and results will therefore be public. So for those who have contacted us with concerns about an impending election delaying announcements – please note these programs are no longer impacted by such events.

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