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WAM BB launches To the Moon – virtually

Media Release: Blast off to the Moon with the WA Museum’s latest exhibition, WA Government, 26 March 2024

Visitors can jump aboard a virtual trip to the Moon with a captivating new space exhibition at the WA Museum Boola Bardip.

  • To the Moon exhibition combines art, celestial stories and lunar artefacts
  • UK artist Luke Jerram’s incredible scale model of the Moon is a major feature
  • Exhibition includes a piece of moon rock on loan from NASA


Visitors can jump aboard a virtual trip to the Moon with a captivating new space exhibition at the WA Museum Boola Bardip.

Science Minister Stephen Dawson has officially launched the To the Moon exhibition which combines immersive lunar art, culturally significant stories and scientific objects to create a multiform display.

The exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the history of space exploration, how it has shaped popular culture, and what the future of space exploration could look like.

UK artist Luke Jerram’s incredible touring Museum of the Moon installation is central to the exhibition. Jerram’s impressive scale replication of the Moon measures seven metres in diameter and features detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface.

This breathtaking replica is complemented by a piece of moon rock on loan from NASA, collected during Apollo 17’s mission, the last of the Apollo program missions to the Moon.

To the Moon explores the Moon’s spiritual and cultural influence through painted artworks by First Nations people and a dynamic multiscreen installation remixing historical and contemporary portrayals of the Moon.

The exhibition looks closer at Western Australia’s historical part in the Apollo 11 Moon landing and WA’s key role as the Southern Hemisphere’s global hub for space operations, exploration and technology transfer.

This exciting exhibition looks to the future of lunar exploration, such as Artemis 1, a key step towards a sustainable human presence on the Moon and Mars.​

To the Moon is a ticketed exhibition at WA Museum Boola Bardip from today until 7 October 2024. Tickets start at $12.50 for juniors and concession holders, $15 for standard, and $50 for family or mini groups.

Comments attributed to Science Minister Stephen Dawson:

“To the Moon is an outstanding demonstration of how space and the Moon have captivated the hearts and minds of humankind for thousands of years.

“With its blend of history, culture and scientific exploration, the exhibition highlights Western Australia’s pivotal role in historic and future space travel.

“For more than 60 years WA has been working closely with international space agencies and our Government is focused on continuing this tradition by making WA a global hub for space related technology and innovation.

“I strongly encourage people to visit and marvel at this captivating exhibition and incredible replica of the Moon and even get to see a real piece of Moon rock which was picked up by the Apollo 17 astronauts.”