Image: SeadragonSearch

Where dragons float, ABC Radio National, 24 October 2020

They may not breathe fire or guard hoards of treasure, but seadragons are still impossibly beautiful and alien.

And despite the fact they’re a favourite of Sir David Attenborough, we know hardly anything about them.

But that could soon change with the help of citizen scientists and a very smart computer program.


  • Dr Nerida Wilson, Western Australian Museum
  • Professor David Booth, University of Technology Sydney

Special thanks to Jo Khan’s mum, Sally, and dad, Sant for sharing their stories for this program.

Thank you also to diver Peter Barns, who sent in some underwater sound recordings.

Duration: 25min 16sec

Broadcast: Sat 24 Oct 2020, 5:30am


Further Information:

SeadragonSearch citizen science project