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The Australia International Cultural Council (AICC) is Australia’s key cultural diplomacy body. Cultural diplomacy aims to engage overseas audiences through the delivery of high- quality and innovative arts and cultural promotions to increase their understanding of Australia’s contemporary identity, values, interests and policies.

The AICC is a consultative group chaired by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for the Arts. It is composed of leaders from government, the arts and business with a common interest in promoting Australia abroad though the arts and culture.

The AICC provides advice to the Australian Government on cultural diplomacy and also assists in a range of grant programs run by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

These programs include the Focus Country Programs.  Under this program, major cultural promotions are planned as follows:

2013 – Vietnam
2014 – Indonesia
2015 – Turkey
2016 – Brazil

For more information about the AICC and its programs visit:  AICC

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