Leading Museums, Museum Leaders


Nadine Dorries 10th Culture Sec since 2010

“to fight the woke warriors at culture”

What place for public statues in the history of art?

Neil McGregor on value of retaining statues

Statues in the context of art sculpture

– modelling, animation & so much life

AHRC explores digital future of UK cultural

& heritage – links to Collecting the West

Aus research policy env “a slow tragedy

unfolding” business R&D 0.9% – 50% OECD av

MV’s 10 really big things in State Colln

on land, in the sea & air & seeking stars

Coming to terms with nature & ticking clock

Questions Raised by Quolls Harry Saddler

‘… frogs also dealing with a pandemic’ AM’s

Jodi Rowley – researchers at work on mystery

SAM co-ordinating Insect Investigators

in regional schools in Qld, SA & WA

Te Papa funding preserving & digitising

Spencer Digby–Ronald Woolf photo archive

MAAS Powerhouse Parramatta contract let

LendLease building 6-stars to open 2024

New Gold Mtn filmed @ SHM to show on SBS

Chinese miners’ voice from Vic Goldfields

AMaGA 2022 Natl Conf WAM Boola Bardip

Call for abstracts open to 30 Sept 2021

UK Govt yo-yos on arts education funding

“a lack of joined-up thinking from the govt”

Royal Institute of British Architects

National Awards 2021 – the M’s & G’s

News Corp about-turn on emissions

– too little, too late, scientists say

V&A announce net zero emissions target

& dedicated sustainability lead, Sara Kassam

Bird Photographer of the Year Awards 2021

– roadrunner at the US-Mexico border wins

AMRI student & Singapore naturalist vacation

exposes Monarchs’ kleptopharmacophagy

Soft power decline as British Council

reducing ops incl in Afghanistan, Aus & NZ

Beauty & tragedy of Afghans – photographer’s

images incl as AWM Official War Artist

Te Papa & NIE paleontologists describe kiwi

from Pleistocene on N Is

Ghita Loebenstein new ACMI head of cinemas

as Kristy Matheson heads to Scotland’s CMI

QM receives Gay Welch collection

– iconic fashion & remarkable story

Alec Coles on WAM Boola Bardip‘s journey

& its mission to inspire and challenge

Ai Wei Wei on a special relationship

& the triumph of cultural globalization

Art Basel: Swiss not accepting AZ vaccine

for large events – US issues ‘do not travel’

Australian Infrastructure Plan 2021 – first

to incl cultural (in social) infrastructure

New stories in old specimens: understanding

the history of one of Aus’s rarest parrots

Australia’s Defining Moments Digital Classrm

NMA’s educ pgm on stories defining nation

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