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ABS Household Impacts of COVID-19

2nd Survey14-17 Apr 2020

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Museum still a social anchor in troubled times

– AWMM’s David Gaimster

AMaGA signs open letter to AG seeking

support for return to cultural life

MAGNT’s Marcus Schutenko announces

67 Telstra 2020 NATSIAA Finalists

Cook 250: oral accounts illuminate past

encounters & objects – care required

LA’s most devoted museum-goer thwarted

“But there will still be a Spring”

TAN Morris, Weiss & Tinari interviews –

issues incl science, end of blockbusters

Museums in Belgium and Italy to re-open

mid-May under phased lifting of lockdown

Lessons from a museum leaving lockdown:

Beijing’s UCCA Center for Contemporary Art

‘There is no fast track back to normal’:

museums confront pandemic economic fallout

Fancy a trip to the Auckland Museum?

Here are eight things you can see right now

QM’s spiders making new friends

while at home for lockdown

AM’s new Chief Scientist Prof Kris Helgen

– wildlife “puts humanity in a … context”

AWM’s & nation’s Anzac Day honours Anzacs

though not in the way we’re used to

Colleen Dilenschneider data on intention

to return to cultural entities post-Covid

After Covid-19 – a new model for the arts

leveraging subsidy & new sources of finance

NEMO’s initial figures on European museum

Covid-19 impacts

AIM concern independent British museums

won’t survive coronavirus

‘Giant wombat’ bone marks raise questions

@ MV Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre

UK museum challenged bored curators to

share the creepiest objects in collections

5 mins with QM’s Collection Mgr, Arachnida

Dr Owen Seeman on mites

British museums’ membership schemes

respond to Covid-19 closures

AAMD lifts sanctions on museums accessing

restricted funds as consequence of pandemic

Julian Meyrick: leaders used to know artist

value now requiring endless demonstration

AM turns inside out

to share virtual content

WAM & Schmidt Ocean Inst explore Ningaloo

Canyon biodiversity & find 45m siphonophore

Scientific pioneers who were also artistic


So you’re stuck at home? Sebastian Smee

presents a guide in The Washington Post

David Hockney’s unsupported perspective

on smoking & coronavirus immunity

Gerbils prefer Old Masters to Modern Artistic

V&A curator’s diversion from Covid-19

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