The Australian Museum has organised a workshop for CAMD museums with natural science collections to be held at the museum on 31 May.   The participants will include members of the Australian Museum’s Science Strategy Panel, which is chaired by Professor Merlin Crossley (Dean of Science at UNSW).

The workshop is designed to allow Directors and their Heads of Science  to look more broadly at museum science priorities in a national context, in particular how they best fit into the Australian natural sciences research “landscape” alongside universities, CSIRO and the quasi-independent research bodies like AIMS, Geoscience Australia etc .

The workshop aims to provide an opportunity to develop a shared view on the allocation of research resources and to identify potential collaborative initiatives .  

Further details will be circulated to prospective participants as the workshop agenda is developed.

For further information contact Frank Howarth (Director, Australian Museum).  Ph: (02) 9320 611; [email protected]

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